The Angels EP credits

This labor of love is shared among all the people who helped make it possible, starting with Yann, Christine, Derek & Dave from the Freq Shop, Jason, Marco, Ian, Paola from Capture Photograhie & especially Rosanna.

I'd like to thank all the Angels EP Kickstarter Project Partners, Rosanna (executive producer), Marisa, Victor, Laura, Marc, Joe, Tina & Rick. Your support will never be forgotten.

Cheers to all who believe in making dreams come true. I truly Love you all.


Carlos' Message

Hey y'all!

I want to remind you all that I will be performing a few shows this summer, where we will be having a blast. I'll be singing new songs, and some great classic covers & selling merch to help fund the next studio project. Please click on the Events page, and check it out!

Much Love,
Carlos xxx




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